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This research aimed at describing how the students of State University of Jakarta utilize the internet in searching information and instructional materials for their study. Using survey descriptive method, the research was conducted in the State University of Jakarta as from October through December 2006. Samples were determined by cluster random sampling technique and data were collected by using questioners and analyze by using quantitative descriptive statistics. The findings of the research indicate that almost all the student (98,1%) ever uses the internet as a learning resource and the most visited site in science (78,1%). Most of the students (83,41%) admit that they use internet to complete the tasks given by the lectures. But majority of the students (90,48%) use the internet outside of the campus as the find the facilities are not in the campus.

utilization, internet, e-learning.

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The Influence of Learning Strategy on Ability Reading Understanding of Students Grade 4 in Basic School

Sri Nurafifah, Khaerudin, Totok Bintoro

Purpose of this study is to determine the effect of learning strategies on the ability to read comprehension in terms of the level of mastery of vocabulary grade IV elementary school students. The research was conducted in SD Negeri 2 Kemantren as the experimental class and SDN
1 Perbutulan as the control class with the sample of the fourth graders each of 30 students held in the academic
year 2017/2018. The study used design treatment by level 2 x 2. Data analysis technique used is analysis of two-way variance (ANOVA). The results showed that (1) there was a difference in reading comprehension ability of elementary school students who studied with the strategy of directed reading thinking activity higher than reading comprehension ability of elementary school students studying with expository strategy; (2) there is an
interaction effect between the use of learning strategy and the level of vocabulary mastery of students’ reading
comprehension ability; (3) learning outcomes for reading comprehension of primary school students between
students learning with the Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategy that has a higher level of
vocabulary mastery higher than students learning with expository strategies that have high vocabulary skills; (4) learning outcomes in reading comprehension of elementary school students between students studying with Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategies that have lower vocabulary mastery levels lower than students studying with expository strategies with low vocabulary skills.

LearningStrategy; Vocabulary Mastery; Reading Ability Understanding.

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Exploring Multimedia-Based Active Learning Pedagogy: An Empirical Research

Arsyad Abdul Gani,* Nurdin Ibrahim,* Khaerudin,* Mifedwil Jandra,** Miftachul Huda,*** Andino Maseleno****

* Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia.
**Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
***Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia.
****Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia.

This study attempts to examine the learning achievement with multimedia assistance in the process of knowledge transfer, in the sense that implies into the teacher as the instructor becomes the mentor to give the direction among the students to achieve their abilities and skills. This study uses quasi-experiments in the classrooms that are already available without any changes to the classroom situation and learning schedule (intact class). The collected data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential data analyses. The finding reveals that there is a significant difference between the outcomes of learning with multimedia and those with conventional media on integrated social studies. Learning integrated social studies with multimedia provides significant improvement in students’ learning outcomes. This is because multimedia can provide more opportunities for both teachers and students to create better classroom atmosphere, gain effective multi-purpose communication, and have a more interesting and lasting learning experience. In other words, multimedia can provide more spaces for developing creativity and innovation that can elevate students’ spirit and enthusiasm in learning

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Improvement of Learning Achievement in Writing Course: the Self-Regulated Learning Model vs. the Direct Learning Model

La Ode Nggawu, Hartati Muchtar, Khaerudin

One language skill that is considered a difficult skill is writing skill. The right learning model is needed to improve the writing skill in learning English. This paper has conducted research on the the effect of The Self-Regulated Learning model and The Direct learning model. Our objective of the study is investigation of effect self-regulated learning model and direct learning model in improvement learning achievement. This research was held out for students of English Education Department, Halu Oleo University, who taken courses of Writing II at the odd semester, 2017/2018. Furthermore, the study used an experimental method as the research method.
Meanwhile, the sampling technique is the random sampling technique. The results showed that the learning achievement of English for course of Writing using the self-regulated learning model were far better than using the direct learning model.

Index Terms: Self-Regulated Learning Method; Direct Learning Method; Learning Achievement; Writing Course

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Implementation Of Self-Regulated Learning Model In E-Learning English Writing

Laode Nggawu, Hartati Muchtar, Khaerudin, M. Syarif Sumantri

This Academic article discusses the implementation of self-regulated learning model in e- learning English Writing, especially on enriching writing skill. This study uses a qualitative method. The discussion of this article uses many points of views of self-regulated model learners, such as Albert Bandura, Barry Zimmerman, Anananita Bramuci, Popa Daniela, and Ernesto Panadero. According to the authors’ interpretation, the
discussion shows several results. (1) English writing skills require serious effort and practice in formulating, developing and analyzing ideas, especially for second / foreign language learners. (2) The understanding of English language grammar and vocabulary is indispensable for second / foreign language learners. (3) The self-regulated learning model can increase the learning motivation because this model encourages students to
acquire knowledge and skills on their own voluntarily; and (4) learners who have high self-regulated learning, will have good learning outcomes as well.
Index Terms: Self Regulated Learning, Writting Skills, eLearning English Writing.

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Jumat, 3 Januari 2020 adalah hari dimana aku mendapatkan amah baru dari Rektor UNJ. Setelah lebih dari 3 tahun melaksanakan tugas sebagai Koordinator Pusat Sertifikasi dan Pendidikan Profesi LP3M, kini aku mendapat tugas sebagai Wakil Kepala Badan Pengelola Sekolah (Labschool) bidang Kerjasama dan Pengembangan. Sungguh ini hutan belantara yang tidak pernah aku alami selama ini, tapi justru ini menjadi tantangan untuk memperluas zona nyaman dan belajar serta menggali pengalaman baru tentang bagaimana membangun dan mengembangkan sekolah yang selama ini sudah dicitrakan bagus agar menjadi lebih bagus. Ya… ini tantangan yang nyata.

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Trend Penelitian Penyelesaian Studi di Program Studi Teknologi Pendidikan Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Menulis karya ilmiah dalam bentuk skripsi (S1), tesis (S2), atau disertasi (S3) merupakan salah satu kewajiban yang harus dipenuhi oleh setiap mahasiswa yang akan menyelesaikan studinya. Namun demikian justru kewajiban inilah yang sering menjadi kendala bagi sebagian mahasiswa untuk dapat menyelesaikan studinya tepat waktu, bahkan ada diantara mereka memerlukan waktu sampai belasan tahun.
Karya ilmiah yang berhasil ditulis pun tentunya sangat beragam, sesuai dengan jenis permasalahan yang menjadi minat dan perhatian mereka. Bagi mahasiswa Program Studi Teknologi Pendidikan keragaman tersebut bisa dilihat dari aspek paradigma dan metode penelitian yang digunakan, serta kawasan penelitian dalam bidang TP.

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Dosen Jurusan Kurikulum dan Teknologi Pendidikan
Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia

Developments in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) has penetrated and influenced many areas of life, such as economics, politics, hankam, medicine, education, and family life. This condition is very reasonable, because the power and capabilities of ICT are very powerful. With his bainware creativity, ICT can be used to overcome various problems and also allows people in carrying out his work. One of the ICT skills that can be utilized by humans is through ICT we can communicate in real time even with long distances. The development of mobile phone with 3G technology in the field of telecommunications, video conferencing, and even chat in the internet facility is equipped with webcamp, allows us to communicate more close and personal, because by using this technology, communication occurs not only verbally, but also visual communication expressed through facial expressions to talk.
On the other hand, for career women, who often time “away” taken to carry out office tasks, have difficulty to build an effective educational communication with their children. Effective educational communication is a form of communication aimed at building the capacity of a child who is expected to be human, that human beings can develop themselves so that potential human being “different”; be himself. This educational communications will wake up when the interaction between mother and child occurs not just verbal “tasteless”; lip service, but must be based on sincerity and personal and emotional touch to the inside. This condition is a major problem for those who have set your heart to choose a career woman. The problem is how they can perform both functions well at the same time, namely on the one hand as a career woman and on the other side as an educator in the family.
To overcome the above conditions, one alternative to be chosen is to utilize the power of ICT, particularly mobile technology and the Internet technologi. Phone technology all offers easy to communicate verbally and visually. Information and communication technology in the form of the Internet offers a variety of communication facilities, whether it is syncronous or asyncronous. Especially at this moment, for access to the Internet does not have to use a computer, because internet access can be done using a mobile phone. Thus the interaction and communication will be more effectively developed. Continue reading PEMANFAATAN TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI DAN KOMUNIKASI (TIK) UNTUK MEMBANGUN KOMUNIKASI EDUKATIF YANG EFEKTIF DENGAN ANAK BAGI WANITA KARIR

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Drs. Khaerudin, M.Pd.
Dosen Jurusan Kurikulum dan Teknologi Pendidikan
Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Disampaikan dalam acara “Workshop Pendidikan Nasional” yang diselenggarakan oleh Lembaga Pendidikan Syahbana Bandar Lampung, pada tanggal 13 dan 14 Oktober 2009, di Hotel Cahaya, Kota Bumi, Provinsi Lampung

Jurusan Kurikulum dan Teknologi Pendidikan
Fakultas Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Oktober 2009

A. Pendahuluan
Akhir-akhir ini bangsa kita dikejutkan oleh klaim yang dilakukan oleh Malaysia berkenaan dengan sejumlah produk dan budaya yang sesungguhnya milik kita. Kita merasa tersinggung dengan ulah Malaysia tersebut. Sejumlah produk yang telah dicoba diklaim oleh Malaysia diantaranya kesenian Reog Ponorogo, Angklung, Kuda Lumping, Lagu Rasa Sayange, dan yang paling menghebohkan Tari Pendet. Di samping itu ada sejumlah produk lain yaitu Batik, Wayang Kulit, Rendang Padang, dan Keris
Mengapa peristiwa ini terjadi? Semua barangkali sepakat karena Malaysia “dalam konteks” ini tidak punya etika, tidak punya malu, dan tidak berbudaya. Tapi problemnya adalah kalau kita menyikapi suatu permasalahan hanya melihat kelemahan dan kesalahan orang lain, apakah permasalahan tersebut akan teratasi secara tuntas? Dalam hal ini saya berpendapat “tidak” atau paling tidak “sulit”, karena kita akan mengalami kesulitan untuk mengubah sikap dan perilaku orang lain. Sikap yang paling bijak dan paling mudah menurut saya adalah kita melakukan introspeksi; kita mencoba mencari kelemahan-kelemahan yang terjadi pada diri kita, karena permasalahan yang muncul bisa jadi karena kesalahan dan kelemahan kita. Kalau kita mampu menemukan kelemahan dan menyadari kelemahan tersebut, maka sangat mungkin kita melakukan perubahan. Pola pikir seperti inilah barangkali yang dapat kita gunakan untuk menyikapi permasalahan di atas. Bisa jadi klaim yang dilakukan Malaysia atas sejumlah produk budaya kita disebabkan oleh kelemahan diri kita sendiri yang dimanfaatkan oleh mereka. Continue reading PENGEMBANGAN KURIKULUM (KTSP) BERBASIS LOKAL, BERWAWASAN GLOBAL

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Evaluasi Pembelajaran Daring pada PPG Daljab

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