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The Influence of Learning Strategy on Ability Reading Understanding of Students Grade 4 in Basic School

Sri Nurafifah, Khaerudin, Totok Bintoro

Purpose of this study is to determine the effect of learning strategies on the ability to read comprehension in terms of the level of mastery of vocabulary grade IV elementary school students. The research was conducted in SD Negeri 2 Kemantren as the experimental class and SDN
1 Perbutulan as the control class with the sample of the fourth graders each of 30 students held in the academic
year 2017/2018. The study used design treatment by level 2 x 2. Data analysis technique used is analysis of two-way variance (ANOVA). The results showed that (1) there was a difference in reading comprehension ability of elementary school students who studied with the strategy of directed reading thinking activity higher than reading comprehension ability of elementary school students studying with expository strategy; (2) there is an
interaction effect between the use of learning strategy and the level of vocabulary mastery of students’ reading
comprehension ability; (3) learning outcomes for reading comprehension of primary school students between
students learning with the Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategy that has a higher level of
vocabulary mastery higher than students learning with expository strategies that have high vocabulary skills; (4) learning outcomes in reading comprehension of elementary school students between students studying with Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategies that have lower vocabulary mastery levels lower than students studying with expository strategies with low vocabulary skills.

LearningStrategy; Vocabulary Mastery; Reading Ability Understanding.

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