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Improvement of Learning Achievement in Writing Course: the Self-Regulated Learning Model vs. the Direct Learning Model

La Ode Nggawu, Hartati Muchtar, Khaerudin

One language skill that is considered a difficult skill is writing skill. The right learning model is needed to improve the writing skill in learning English. This paper has conducted research on the the effect of The Self-Regulated Learning model and The Direct learning model. Our objective of the study is investigation of effect self-regulated learning model and direct learning model in improvement learning achievement. This research was held out for students of English Education Department, Halu Oleo University, who taken courses of Writing II at the odd semester, 2017/2018. Furthermore, the study used an experimental method as the research method.
Meanwhile, the sampling technique is the random sampling technique. The results showed that the learning achievement of English for course of Writing using the self-regulated learning model were far better than using the direct learning model.

Index Terms: Self-Regulated Learning Method; Direct Learning Method; Learning Achievement; Writing Course

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