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Implementation Of Self-Regulated Learning Model In E-Learning English Writing

Laode Nggawu, Hartati Muchtar, Khaerudin, M. Syarif Sumantri

This Academic article discusses the implementation of self-regulated learning model in e- learning English Writing, especially on enriching writing skill. This study uses a qualitative method. The discussion of this article uses many points of views of self-regulated model learners, such as Albert Bandura, Barry Zimmerman, Anananita Bramuci, Popa Daniela, and Ernesto Panadero. According to the authors’ interpretation, the
discussion shows several results. (1) English writing skills require serious effort and practice in formulating, developing and analyzing ideas, especially for second / foreign language learners. (2) The understanding of English language grammar and vocabulary is indispensable for second / foreign language learners. (3) The self-regulated learning model can increase the learning motivation because this model encourages students to
acquire knowledge and skills on their own voluntarily; and (4) learners who have high self-regulated learning, will have good learning outcomes as well.
Index Terms: Self Regulated Learning, Writting Skills, eLearning English Writing.

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